Easy Packers and Movers

If you are planning to shift to your new home or any other houses and worried about how to shift your goods. We offer you best home shifting service in Kathmandu and other cities in Nepal.

Your home moving will be hassle free by our professional and experienced team of movers and packers.

Moving from your existing house to a brand new one can be a hassle to handle considering the safety of your possessions, time constraints and finding the right transport vehicle as well as packing, moving, organizing your belongings, and more.

We are here to help you with your domestic and international house relocation needs. We have an experience in the field of professional moving for about seven years.

Easy Movers and Packers Nepal has been offering professional house shifting services for over 14 years now.

Why choose Easy Packers and Movers Nepal?

Through our years of observation and experience through the years, we have been in a position to understand exactly how you feel as well as what that means to people to move to a different location.
This has enabled us improve and revise our procedures to offer solid, reliable, safe and secure timing shifting to clients. Not just are our processes enhanced, but the method by which we train and hire our staff has been changed. We now take the time to improve our employees’ professionalism and soft skills.

No matter if you’re moving within the Kathmandu valley, moving from an area to another within Nepal or internationally to other countries in Nepal or different countries into Nepal. We’ve got you covered with all of your moving needs.

When relocating clientele, Easy Packers and Movers Nepal is not just concerned with the safety of moving clients’ belongings efficiently, and quickly but also makes the process efficient and cost-effective by determining the best type of vehicle, allocating the appropriate the number of team members developing the best strategy for packing, unpacking as well as loading and unloading items, whether it’s a short distance move or a long distance.

Hire our team of home shifters relax and watch as we manage everything, making it easy and hassle free.

Easy Packers and Movers Nepal is a fantastic option to consider when moving rooms close to Kathmandu valley as well as other cities that are major. We guarantee complete assistance throughout all phases of shifting your home appliances as well as other valuable assets.

How Packers and Movers work for you?

The assistance will come in your move and moving either full or in parts. According to your needs, speak to the company that handles your house moving to help them know your requirements for moving. After analyzing your needs, they’ll devise the best strategy for your move and provide the right assistance to make the relocation process smooth and easy.

Home Shifting Process

Our house shifting methods are professional. Other shifting firms will follow similar methods of shifting.

Once you have submitted your request we will review your requirements and provide crucial information on how shifting will be handled duration of shifting, the best vehicle to transport, the number of team members who will assist your move, the cost, and answer your questions should you have you have any.